Just a taste of the beautiful Victorian mansions

What a treat we got as we rode our bikes through Cape May, NJ.  Never having been here before we are enjoying exploring another new city and there seems to be a lot to do and see.  Xavier comes in on Saturday to join up with us for 2 weeks as we transit from Cape May to Stamford, CT.  Clink on the link to see more sites.


Cape May 008

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A photo study in drunken behavior in Chesapeake City

Before we transit the Chesapeake & Delaware Canal on Monday the 1st, we knew we had to stop in Chesapeake City as our next run to Cape May, NJ is 9 hours.  In talking to the Dockmaster when setting up our reservation, he told me about an event going on this weekend and while it had been cancelled he said it would still be a crazy time in the harbor and if I wasn’t interested in being in the middle of it we should pick a different harbor.  How crazy is crazy and how big of a zoo could it be?

We arrived at the mouth of the harbor and peeked in to see about 30 boats rafted up in a line down the middle of a rather small harbor and decided to venture forth.  That was until we got a bit farther and saw people swimming and a boat anchoring right where we needed to go.  We backed up and came down the other side of the boats as the dock we needed to get to was over in the far corner of the harbor.  Try tiptoeing a 58′ foot boat while under power through a bunch of crazy drunks all rafted together, people in the water swimming and tons of ski jets all about.  As I am on the bow speaking to Stan via our headsets some idiot decided that he needed to start chucking what turned out to be water balloons at me.  Scared the you know what out of me as I was hit from behind.  After yelling at a guy on a jet ski 11 times to move out of the way as we are heading our stern right for him, we did finally get onto the dock with a bunch of help.  We had to back in stern first to a dock that is a lot shorter than us which only complicates the process.  The fact that Stan’s visibility while driving backwards is limited doesn’t help our stress level.

Lo and behold we are finally situated on this very hot day in the middle of a huge drunken boat party with ring side seats while the whole afternoon unfolds behind us.  As the day progressed, the rafted boats were about 50 in total not counting all the boats at the docks at the 2 marinas.  The zoo did get a bit more under control when the Coast Guard Auxiliary and the town police started doing loops through the harbor.  From what we were told,  in prior years they would get around 500 boats rafted up and you could walk across the harbor via the boats.  This year was “tame” according to the locals we spoke to.

If you are interested, sit back and enjoy the “show” as you step your way through the photos.  What we didn’t get pictures of was a female doing about a 15 min (very professional) pole dance in her bikini on the back of a boat which Stan thoroughly enjoyed watching during dinner.  The woman below was doing a lasso dance on the back of her boat.  By this morning all the boats are gone and the rain has settled in.



Photo: Need I say more?


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Big boats, Little boats and more boats

Never having been to Annapolis, we found out we are in for a treat this week.  Coming into Annapolis was like Grand Central Station for boats and now we are docked amongst all the big boys.  Crew members are out washing and shining today, even with the rain.  We are here for the week and there are lots of fun places to explore along with lots of history to soak in.  Bit of a crazy place but one that we will enjoy.

Here is a link to the pictures I took yesterday:


Annapolis 025

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Our 3.5 hour bike ride through the Maryland countryside

St. Michael's 042

I really don’t know what got into us yesterday but after my hour ride around St. Michael’s checking things out, a friend suggested doing the St. Mike’s to Oxford ride via the ferry.  After checking it out online and her “they have really great ice cream” comment, off we went with Stan included this time.

Check out my shots from around St. Michael’s if you are interested:


After pedaling through some wide open countryside (wondering if we were lost) we finally make the ferry landing where we had to raise the signal for them to come pick us up.

St. Michael to Oxford 001

Originally we had planned to stop in Oxford on our way to St. Michael’s but since it’s a small town with expensive dockage we decided to by-pass it which is probably another reason we decided to bike it.  We can now say we have been to Oxford, MD.  Lunch was yummy at the Masthead on Pier Street with mussels and fish tacos as well as the ice cream at Scottish Highland Creamery.  After the return ferry ride and by the time we were pedaling back to St. Michael’s my legs were throbbing and my butt was aching.  As we passed Gina’s and their sign for $1 sangria on Wednesday’s we just had to stop.  For once my bar tab was less than Stan’s which we both think is a first and it was a fun way to recover from our trip.  Needless to say, I walked my bike home the last 4 blocks from Gina’s.  So after 3 and 1/2 hours of bike riding where I burned almost 2,000 calories according to my heart rate monitor, we figured we probably consumed a similar amount of calories with what we had eaten and drank.  All in all it was a good day with bright beautiful skies and some great exercise.

Here is the link to pictures from our ride out of St. Michael’s to Oxford:





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Bits of this and that while traveling up the Potomac

We captured some interesting sights along the way as we traveled up the Potomac River heading to DC.  Below is the link to the photos that are posted on Facebook.  The Potomac River winds along between VA and MD and goes up into DC.  Different sections of the river are so completely different than others and we were surprised how rural it was fairly close to DC.  We are at Gangplank Marina at the base of 7th Street and can walk to the National Mall, the Metro and quite a few of the Museums so lots of walking is on tap for us.   We are here through Memorial Day and will leave mid week to head back down the river and continue our travels up the Chesapeake Bay to Solomons Island MD.



20130522_151351 (3)

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Yorktown and Jamestown, VA with all their history

Stan, being the history buff that he is, put his foot down and said this trip we have to make time to see Yorktown and Jamestown.  We are through here quite a bit with family in Richmond but their never seems to be enough time so this was it.  Our big hop for this transit was from Hampton to Gloucester Point which by car would have been 21 miles but by boat it was 4.5 hours.  Four days later and we had toured the Yorktown Victory Center, the Yorktown Battlefield, the Jamestown Fort and Jamestown Settlement.  It was all quite interesting and informative but at the end of each day we were on information overload.  If you are interested we have posted links to the pictures below.  I think I have had enough history for a bit.

Yorktown Victory Center photos:


Jamestown Fort photos:


Yorktown Battlefield:


Jamestown Settlement:


Yorktown 155

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Bridges, boats and logs, oh my! Our interesting travels through the Carolina’s

We had to travel inside on the ICW from Charleston to N. Myrtle Beach, outside through Frying Pan Shoals and then inside from Morehead City to Hampton due to weather.  Along on our travels we certainly have seen some interesting things.  Our first day out the winds were honking, even the birds were having trouble and we certainly weren’t excited about having white caps in the ICW.

20130421_113915 (3)

Check out this guy’s lawn ornament

20130424_093446 (3)

How would you like to pay for the installation and upkeep for this dock?  This was one of many.

20130424_093915 (3)

Another idea on how to get people to part with their money

20130424_094334 (3)

The wonderfully inviting pool that we been to twice but with cold dreary weather both times we have not been able to enjoy.

20130425_183034 (3)

All the wonderful bridges that we have to time for openings, wait in line for and the few unexpected closures.  There was one bridge with a tug on the other side that Stan misunderstood who was to go first which made for an interesting event.

NC transit 010

The fun parade of boats that we would transit with each day

NC transit 003

And did I mention the log?  It delayed the bridge opening while it slowly came down the river.

NC transit 008

And thankfully there are NO pictures of our couple of oops in the Great Bridge Lock.  Why do we seem to fumble so when we have to deal with these damn Locks?  Now that we have been in Hampton VA for about 10 days, it’s time to head into the Chesapeake to explore and have some new adventures.  Neither of us have ever been so the next 6 weeks should be interesting.  Hopefully someday soon the weather will warm up and we can get out of long pants, sweaters, jackets and socks as our blood is thinned out after 3 1/2 months in Key West.

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Woo Hoo, “The (Ravenal) Bridge”, My Bike and I.

Every time we come into Charleston I see and hear about all the people walking, riding and running the Ravenal bridge and the outstanding views from there.  This morning I decided today was the day for me to tackle it.

20130417_132951 (3)

I quickly realized that after all of Key West’s flatness I was in for a bit of a workout.

20130417_112339 (3)

The stellar spring day was ideal for my outing and views mid-way were as spectacular as people say.  The trip back is even steeper and although I was creeping along on my bike to make it to the top, I didn’t have to get off the bike and walk.

20130417_113104 (3)

20130417_113107 (3)

I think tomorrow calls for a repeat performance, especially since my heart rate monitor says I burned over 1,300 calories during my hour and half ride over the bridge, around the golf course and back.  It sure kicked my butt and helps to offset some of this wonderful Charleston food we keep having.  Maybe I can drag Stan out as well?!?!

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Haven’t seen one like this before

We made our jump from W. Palm Beach to Charleston in 48 hours and while the seas were lumpy, choppy and higher than anticipated we picked up a great 2-4 knot push from the Gulf Stream.  Our biggest issue was when the contents of the inside of the refrigerator dumped out onto the floor while I was trying to get a bottle of water.  The smashed beer bottles and yogurt between my toes was not too pleasant.  At least I caught the cooked spaghetti and sauce along with the salad before they hit the floor.

Charleston 013

Sitting at the Charleston Maritime Marina today, this ship was brought in by the tug boats.  We have never seen this type before and it is flying the French flag and must be communication related.  Anyone have any ideas?  It was pretty interesting to watch them get him spun around in the harbor.

Charleston 018

Charleston 021




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Seeing civilization once again reminds me of the “Emerald City.”

After 3.5 months of being in a cocoon and hibernating  down in Key West, I can’t help but be reminded of the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz as we are coming back into Miami.  It was time for us to get back on the move or we were afraid we would become planted in Key West.  We had a wonderful break and accomplished lots from our various “to do” lists.  We are now into Riviera Beach FL and tomorrow head offshore to Charleston SC.  Our transit will be 53 hours and we are hoping that we will get a nice push during our 35 hours in the Gulf Stream.  Hopefully we don’t end up getting our butts kicked.  The seas will be lying down during the day tomorrow but we are heading into 8′ swells per our weather router.  We figured that would be better than the 5′ chop waves we would hit on Wednesday if we delay leaving until Monday.

Now that we are back on the road once again I will try and stay more current with blog posts of our travels.

Some of the highlights of our time is Key West is our trip to Ft. Jefferson in the Dry Tortuga’s and you can view the pictures from this link:


We also had an amazing family vacation with Eric, Vicky and the grand-kids and here is a link if you want to check out those pictures:


key west 013s

20130402_193141 s(3)

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